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Nature Touch

The Management Team of Naturetouch is a combination of highly experienced professionals who are known for their skills in Direct Selling and Marketing. Naturetouch Products Private Limited is such a company who assures you a full satisfaction with the best service and first class quality Ayurvedic products; because the company and the team cares for your dreams, passion and your smile. So the Professional Individuals are involved 24/7 in their duty to expand the company service all over the world to deliver the best products and opportunities to all.

S. A. Mondal

An extraordinary businessman, a good motivational speaker and an operational person, Mr. S. A. Mondal is the entrepreneur of the introduction of Naturetouch Products Pvt. Ltd. with all new and innovated business plans, and opportunities in the area of Direct Selling. Being the chairman of Naturetouch he is impartial and heartful to all his followers. His experience, his knowledge and his idea in Direct Selling has enriched people by empowering their income and success. His conception, his planning, designing, monitoring and enormous experience in direct selling industry has contributed a lot to run this modern business, and Naturetouch Products Pvt. Ltd. has not only become successful but also has become a safe and secure path to achieve name and fame for a person.

Rakesh Mondal

In 2018, along with his father, he started his journey, that was driven to enlighten people about the secrets of health in 'Ayurveda'. An outstanding business management personal, having sound knowledge in reality, society and business. An amazing sales and marketing person has involved his experties and experience of direct selling to grow his company Naturetouch Products Pvt. Ltd. at a phenomenal rate, being a good leader, a good motivator. Mr. Rakesh Mondal has expanded the sphere of success to Naturetouch and it's followers.

Sahajan Badsa

Another outstanding personality of Naturetouch Products Pvt. Ltd. having a rich experience in Direct Selling industry for years. He always kept himself associated with the betterment of Naturetouch as well as the success of its members. As a director Mr. Sahajan Badsha has a deep understanding of the challenges about business building from a director prospective. He always tries to go to the depth of customers requirements to fulfill them. A polite and a kind individual, Mr. Sahajan Badsa has bring forth the concept of hard work and success spreading all his efforts to reach people accoross the world.